Protect your lawn with irrigation that provides the correct amount of water to keep your landscape lush and healthy.

Proper irrigation systems start with your soil type. If you have clay soil, your sprinkler run-time will be less because it doesn’t drain as well as sandy soils do. This prevents diseases and lawn stress due to over watering and being constantly wet.

Managing your irrigation is simple. We install a controller that is located and easily reached inside your garage. Your controller will tell the sprinklers to automatically start and when to shut off. Many cities have watering restrictions that only allow you to water on certain days. Not to worry, controllers can be set to abide by your city’s rules and regulations.

Drip line irrigation is another type of watering method that is geared toward gardens and regular landscapes. Thin piping winds through your planting beds and slowly emits water to the soil around your plants. This is perfect during those dry hot spells we see all too often. Your beautiful plants and shrubs will continue to thrive and best of all, you never see the piping because it’s under your rock or mulch.

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